Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Interview with the Bigfoot Field Reporter

Howdy, folks...

I certainly hope it's been a great summer for everyone! My new headquarters in Columbia, South Carolina really lives up to the motto "Famously Hot"! I have seen more snakes within a mile from my house this summer than I have in the last two years combined!

Last night I was the guest on Sharon Lee and Rictor Riolo's Blogtalk Radio show "The Bigfoot Field Reporter". It was a fun interview, and one of the few interviews I've done with other bigfoot enthusiasts. I've done quite a few different Blogtalk shows; typically with paranormal investigators or reporters of esoterica. To get to speak with people who are well-versed in the subject made for a much more conversational and enjoyable experience.

You can listen to the interview HERE, or you can click play on the embedded player below. Thanks for listening, and enjoy what's left of the summer!

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Recommended Viewing: Enigma Research Group's "Sasquatch Field Research Series: Tracking 1" DVD

The Enigma Research Group is a Georgia-based team of researchers who have been studying the sasquatch phenomenon in various forms for many years. I have known the members of the group for quite a while; in fact, in 2006, Leigh Culver was the first BFRO member that I met, and eventually recruited me into the organization. Through Leigh I met Keith McLain, who has since become a great friend and field partner.

Leigh and I in Northeast Georgia.
Leigh also introduced me to the benefits of the "step-by-step" tracking method, and how to properly apply it to documenting sasquatch tracks and sign on a near-forensic level. In March of 2007, at Leigh's suggestion, I enrolled and participated in a tracking course taught by Joel Hardin Professional Tracking Services in Appomattox, Virginia. I made the trip up to the course with Leigh and another Enigma Research Group member, JT McAvoy. It was an eye-opening experience, and truly helped shape my field research methodologies.

The March, 2007 Joel Hardin class group photo including Leigh, JT, and me.
Later that same year, Leigh and I hosted a tracking course on a private property in Northeast Georgia for BFRO members. There was a "classroom" component that Leigh had created which was essentially an introduction to the step-by-step tracking method and the tenets of using three-person teams to follow trackways. In addition to the classroom-style portion of the course, Leigh and I had laid trackways through various parts of the environment 24 hours earlier, and assisted each team with finding and documenting every single footfall that we made.

The 2007 Northeast Georgia Sasquatch Tracking class group photo.
In 2009, Leigh, JT, and I taught an updated version of that same course to the Utah chapter of the BFRO in a remote area along a beautiful portion of the Duchesne River.

Having a discussion at base camp during the 2009 Utah class.
In 2010, Leigh, JT, Keith, and a newer member Craig Jackson (who attended my 2008 BFRO Georgia Expedition) decided to adapt Leigh's tracking course for a documentary format and release it on DVD. They sent me an early copy of the DVD, and I think it's a fantastic way to learn the tenants of identifying and documenting track and sign without having to travel across the country to attend a course or class.

I highly recommend this DVD for any field researcher hoping to locate and document sasquatch track and sign.