Monday, December 26, 2011

It's Been a Great Year!


2011 has been a 'squatchy year for me. I can't express how grateful I am to my friends, field partners, and loved ones for helping make this year a great one. Here's a recap:

January - After working closely with Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO in filming two separate pilots for a television series in 2009, I got the word that Animal Planet would be producing six episodes about the organization and its efforts. Even better, one of the episodes would be filmed in my hometown, and based on many of the reports that I had investigated. At the same time, a childhood friend of mine, Darla Allison, called to tell me that her husband had found large, human-like tracks while scouting an area to hunt ducks. These tracks would become one of the highlights of the series. Also, I appeared as a guest on the West Georgia Paranormal podcast.

One of the tracks that Jeff Allison found on Bull Mountain.

February - I drove to Georgia to work as a Field Coordinator and Local Fixer for the Georgia episode of "Finding Bigfoot". It was amazing and surreal to spend time in the field with my friends from around the country in my proverbial "back yard".

Matt Moneymaker and I singing "You Can't Always Get What You Want" at the wrap party in Helen, Georgia.

March - I started a small project involving Reconyx RC60 units on a tract of private land in Central Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the project was compromised when word spread among neighboring properties that I was actively trying to perfect techniques for photographing sasquatches. The experiments helped me develop a few new techniques (specifically with regard to IR illuminators), and also produced an interesting hair sample. Also, I was interviewed by Daniel Perez for his Bigfoot Times publication regarding an investigation that I did in North Georgia.

One of the bobcat pictures obtained by the Reconyx RC60.

April - I launched this blog! One of my favorite researchers and friends Cliff Barackman wrote a nice post about the launch of my blog. Thanks, Cliff! At the time of this writing, I've had over 10,000 page views! Many thanks to those of you who've read the blog, and sent comments and emails of encouragement.

May - I started receiving inquiries for my Oklahoma and North Georgia expeditions. Through that process, I made many new friends and field partners. I am very thankful to have gotten to know those of you who attended expeditions, and I am proud to be involved with your personal inquiries into this amazing subject. On May 29th, I watched with excitement as the "Bigfoot Crossing in Georgia" episode of "Finding Bigfoot" aired on Animal Planet.

June - I conducted a few on-site investigations into several reports, as well as other areas with a history of activity.

In the Wichita Mountains; Comanche County, Oklahoma.

Three pictures from our study site in western Oklahoma.

July - I was interviewed about sasquatch research by a contributing writer for Unfortunately, I had to repost her article here on my blog to correct some of the misinformation in the article. I also appeared on Gia Scott's podcast, "Dawn of Shades".

August - I had a very productive scouting trip to the location of the Oklahoma expedition. In addition, my thermal imager/DVR combo was rebuilt for me. The unit was refashioned in a way that would allow it to record continuously for over 14 hours without interruption. This allowed me to completely change my surveillance methods in the field.

My new thermal imager/DVR combo.
September - I organized and lead three BFRO expeditions; one in Oklahoma, and two in North Georgia (EXP-1 and EXP-2). They were the most productive and enjoyable group efforts I've ever been a part of, and I am very grateful to those who were a part of them. It was truly an incredible few weeks.
High above the North Georgia Expedition base camp.
October - After returning from Georgia, I embarked on a trip to Michigan to see family and friends. Luckily, I still had a chance to see some active areas, and spend some "dirt-time" looking for sign.

November - Once the Michigan trip ended, I made a detour to northern Indiana to hang out with the "Finding Bigfoot" cast and crew for two days and two nights. Needless to say, we had a lot of fun during their days off. We had great fun exploring; not only the forested parks in the area, but the local karaoke bars and pubs as well.
Cliff Barackman (L) and Tyler Bounds (R) on the shore of Lake Michigan.
December - The end of the year is upon us! I've begun the early stages of planning my Arkansas expedition, as well as a private BFRO expedition in Oklahoma. It's really been a wonderful year, and I hope that 2012 is even better. My deepest gratitude goes to my friends and loved ones for supporting my passion. Happy Holidays!
This was made by one of my favorite BFRO members. This is in his yard.


  1. Good to read about your exciting and productive year. I expect you will be deploying your thermal imager/DVR combo in Arkansas in February. Best wishes for 2012.

  2. Nice blog Matt and some nice looking squatchy photographs.