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2011 North Georgia Expedition (GA EXP-2)

PREFACE: There were two (2) separate BFRO North Georgia Expeditions this year: Sept. 22-25, and Sept. 29 - Oct. 2. They were conducted in the same location, but will be referred to as GA EXP-1 and GA EXP-2, respectively.

Read the notes for GA EXP-1 -HERE-

LOCATION: The North Georgia Expeditions were conducted in a remote section of the Chattahoochee National Forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The base camp sat directly adjacent to a small tributary of a large river situated in a north-south running river valley, which extends for several miles and connects to many other small valleys. The location was easily one of the more remote and beautiful places in North Georgia.

In total, there were 32 GA EXP-2 participants. The participants came from OK, GA, NC, FL, SC, AL, WI, MI, and TN. 

I arrived late Wednesday night with Jason Vogan (NC-BFRO). We were the only people in base for the first evening. 

-- DAY / NIGHT ONE -- 

As I had seen nearly all of the river valley that we would be operating in, I opted to stay in base camp and help other participants get oriented, and to discuss the previous week's expedition with the new arrivals. 

My plan for the first night was to head into the southern portion of the river valley; heading in through the same ingress as the previous week to see if the resident sasquatches would approach again. 

We dispersed participants in teams with the same designations as the previous weeks. The teams were as follows:

"Alpha" - Matt Pruitt, GP, SB, SB, GW (Southernmost)
"Bravo" - CP (NC-BFRO), JD, LD, EW, BC
"Charlie" - MB, RD, MK, JP, KH
"Delta" - Jason Vogan (NC-BFRO), MB, JB, JS, RI (Position at the "Approach Location" from GA EXP-1)
"Echo" - Joee Cuva (FL-BFRO), MH, CH, LH, CC, TA

Once the teams had reached their respective locations, various team members heard suggestive sounds in the environment around them. 

"Delta" team (in the original "Approach Location") had the most sustained and dramatic encounter of the two North Georgia Expeditions; an extended interaction involving rock-throwing, strategic stalking, and a Class A sighting through a night vision monocular. 

Watch the video below for Jason Vogan's account of what happened that night:

-- DAY / NIGHT TWO -- 

Day Two marked the arrival of additional BFRO members John Hall (GA-BFRO), and Mary Mallon (CO-BFRO).

Attempting to effectively cover each area that had yielded significant activity, teams were placed in both the "Approach Location", as well as the location where multiple vocalizations were heard and documented the previous week (further north in the river valley). 

The teams were as follows:

"Alpha" - MK, RI, RD, KH, Joee Cuva (traveling north in the river valley on foot from base camp)
"Bravo" - CP, JB, MB, JS, GW (walking a ridgeline above the river valley)
"Charlie" - Jason Vogan, SB, SB, EW, BC, GP (walking a different ridgeline above the river valley)
"Delta" - MB, Mary Mallon, LD, JD, TA (traveling south on foot in the river valley beyond the "Approach Location")
"Echo" - Matt Pruitt, John Hall, MH, CH, CC, LH

Very little was seen/heard on Night Two, and high winds forced the two teams on the ridgelines to head back to base camp early. 


A team was assembled to systematically occupy the "Approach Location" for the final night. I, and several others, moved in and around the location trying to elicit another approach to no avail. 

Meanwhile, there were several compelling incidents during Night Three that suggested to us that the sasquatches were approaching the base camp. This is consistent with suspected activity on other BFRO expeditions across the continent. 

Rather than try to paraphrase or recount those incidents, I will let the expedition participants who heard those suggestive sounds describe their experiences on the BFRO Public Forum thread dedicated to the expedition HERE.

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