Saturday, October 15, 2011

My BFRO Investigations

I have been an investigator for the BFRO since May of 2007. This responsibility entails thoroughly investigating certain reports that the BFRO receives related to sasquatch observations and encounters.

The majority of reports that I have investigated have come to me through channels other than the BFRO. Most of those reports haven't been published online or in any print media. However, there are a number of reports that I have investigated for the BFRO which are publicly available on the BFRO's website (

There are also many reports that I have investigated for the BFRO which remain unpublished, for various reasons, which are as follows:

- The submitter of the report specifically requested that the report not be made public.
- The principal observer of the report was unreachable, but the other principle witness(es) who submitted the report have corroborated the story. (The BFRO only publishes first-hand accounts; second-hand reports are classified as "Class C" reports, and are left unpublished but remain in the internal database for future reference.)
- The report contained elements that left the incident open for misinterpretation or misidentification.
- The report was an obvious or admitted joke.


Many people ask about reports that I have investigated and published, so I compiled a list for reference here: - Nighttime sighting by truck driver near Red Top Mountain - Two servicemen from Hunter Army Airfield describe tent stalking incident on uninhabited Little Tybee Island - Wildlife enthusiast records moaning howls near Bainbridge - Multiple witness sighting on Hwy. 16 near the Emanuel/Candler county line - Military man and wife experience loud howling and shaking of mobile home near the Ohoopee River - Man describes childhood sighting at rural property on the outskirts of Atlanta - Early evening road crossing sighting by motorist on Jekyll Island - Mother and son experience multiple incidents in the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley - Adolescent child has early morning sighting near Chatsworth - Nighttime sighting by motorists north of Canton - Witness spots sasquatch approaching camp near Warwoman Dell - Vocalization heard at close range on Appalachian Trail (Gooch Mountain Shelter) - Husband and wife hear characteristic vocalizations in the Sautee-Nacoochee Valley - Hiker hears possible vocalizations on Appalachian Trail outside Helen - Evening sighting by motorist on Hwy 75 near Duke's Creek - Two fisherman recall a daylight encounter north of Helen - Possible encounters near the Upper Chattahoochee River Recreation Area - Hikers hear characteristic vocalizations on Fiery Gizzard Trail - Two young men are confronted in broad daylight by a large creature near Falcon - Man recalls a possible encounter as a teen at Fort Gordon - Memory told of a nighttime encounter at close range near Blairsville - Man recalls nighttime encounter near DeQueen - Man recalls multiple experiences (including a daylight sighting) as a youth near Gainesville

-- I also serve as one of several proofreaders for the BFRO, as all investigator comments, date, time, coordinates, etc. are proofread before reports are published. Occasionally, I will add my own notes to the report. Here are the reports which include my "Editor's Notes":

I will be adding to this list as I publish new reports.


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