Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Professor Jeff Wells and "Bigfoot In Georgia"

In late December of 2007 I received an email from Jeff Wells, a professor of History at the Georgia Military College's Atlanta Campus. He stated that he was working on the manuscript of a book about the history of bigfoot sightings and research in the state of Georgia.

Professor Jeff Wells

By that point, I had done a few years worth of gathering historical data related to the observations of sasquatches in Georgia, and had been doing field research with the BFRO for nearly a year. I felt that I had some unique insights into the local history of Northeast Georgia, and that I had personal experiences to offer as well. Professor Wells had heard an internet radio interview that I participated in with Robert W. Morgan where I spoke a little bit about a few of those experiences.

The bulk of our communication about sasquatches in Georgia didn't commence until the early summer of 2008. I had moved from Atlanta to Seattle, and was just settling in when we began to discuss at length the history of observations, encounters, research, evidence, etc. During that time, we must have logged upwards of 20 hours on the phone. As you can guess, there was much to discuss!

I finally met Jeff in person in September of 2009. We had dinner just north of Atlanta, and talked 'squatch for quite a while! I was allowed to see a portion of the chapter related to the Elkins Creek cast, and was excited about the pending publication.

"Bigfoot in Georgia" was eventually published by Pine Winds Press on January 1, 2010. I received a signed copy from Jeff, and eagerly read the book. I was grateful that he cited many of our conversations and mentioned me quite a bit throughout the text. It was vindicating to finally see a published work about sasquatches in my home state.

To purchase Jeff Wells' "Bigfoot in Georgia" from, please click HERE.

You can also follow Jeff by reading his blog, "Georgia Mysteries"

My deepest thanks to Jeff for writing and publishing this book. I would encourage anyone who has an interest in the subject to read it, especially if you're from Georgia, or have spent any time in the woods there. To return the favor, I'm hoping to coerce Professor Wells into spending a few nights in the Southern Appalachians of Northeast Georgia with myself and a few other researchers... Whadda ya say, Jeff?

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  1. Thanks for this article, and especially for all the work you do. Your interviews and resources proved very valuable. I have enjoyed our many conversations, and I hope you are the one who finds the big guy!